Swimer Tank Blue 2500 Fujp Basic Jednopłaszczowy à vendre - Pologne

Vidéo de Swimer Tank Blue 2500 Fujp Basic Jednopłaszczowy
Vidéo de Swimer Tank Blue 2500 Fujp Basic Jednopłaszczowy
Vidéo de Swimer Tank Blue 2500 Fujp Basic Jednopłaszczowy
Vidéo de Swimer Tank Blue 2500 Fujp Basic Jednopłaszczowy
Marque / ModèleSwimer Tank Blue 2500 Fujp Basic Jednopłaszczowy
Année d'immatriculation2020
Options supplémentairesNeuf
Mascus ID4468CFE9
Prix (hors TVA)Prix non renseigné
N° de stockSW-202311
N° de sérieJednopłaszczowy
Dernière révisionStacjonarny
Poids du volume de transport121 kg
Dimensions du volume de transport (L x l x H)1800 x 1400 x 1650
Volume du tank2 500 l
Pays de productionPologne
Autres accessoiresJesteśmy największym polskim producentem zbiorników do magazynowania i dystrybucji płynów. Wszystkie wyroby Swimer są zgodne z wytycznymi dyrektywy maszynowej Unii Europejskiej 2006/42/WE. Działalność firmy odbywa się zgodnie z normami ISO 9001:2015 oraz ISO/IEC 27001:2013.
We are the largest Polish producer of tanks for storage and distribution of liquids. SWIMER products are comply with the guidelines of the European Union Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The company's activity is in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards.
Мы являемся крупнейшим польским производителем контейнеров для хранения и выдачи жидкостей. Компания работает в соответствии с ISO 9001:2015 и ISO/IEC 27001:2013.
Nous sommes le plus grand producteur polonais de réservoirs de stockage et de distribution de liquides. Les produits SWIMER sont conformes à la directive européenne 2006/42/CE sur les machines. La société fonctionne conformément aux normes ISO 9001:2015 et ISO/IEC 27001:2013.
Autres informationsStandard equipment:
1. filling point 100 mm with cover:
- Filling point height: approx. 160 cm - no need to use a ladder,
- convenient filling of the tank.
2. 440mm inspection hatch:
- access to the inside of the tank,
- convenient inspection of the inner tank,
- easy cleaning of the tank.
3.air vents:
- vents ensuring a permanent connection with the atmosphere,
- they prevent overpressure and underpressure in the tank.
4. submersible pump (230V; max. 35l / min):
- maximum capacity 35l / min.
- 230V / 50 Hz power supply, 250W power, 2.2A power consumption,
- adapted to continuous work,
- has an integrated steel filter,
- high quality ensures long-term use,
- 5m power cord,
- simple construction, resistant to corrosion,
- mixes the liquid and cools it at the same time, which reduces the formation of sediment and delamination of the liquid at the bottom of the tank
- very quiet, in normal conditions the pump is practically inaudible.
5. emergency power switch:
- enables to turn off the power quickly and safely
- in case of power failure the pump can only be restarted by manually pressing the green button.
6. 6m distribution hose:
- resistant to Adblue,
- flexible,
- working temperature from -25 ° C to + 80 ° C,
- optimal length for most applications.
7. distribution hose holder:
- enables comfortable hanging of the hose and keeping it clean.
8. automatic nozzle:
- automatically shuts off when the tank in the machine is full.
9. nozzle holder:
- after refueling, the nozzle can be put down which makes it less vulnerable to damage,
- convenient in use.

Optional equipment:
1. FMT digital flow meter (+/- 0.5%; 2-100l / min):
- measurement presentations: current (current refueling, erasable) + indirect (since last tank refueling, erasable) + total (from the beginning of the device operation, no deleting),
- has a large display, easy to read,
- five-position counter, six-position general counter,
- accuracy of +/- 0.5%,
- battery replacement does not delete the data,
- it works up to 2 years on one set of batteries
- possible to calibrate,
- constant and precise control of the amount of dispensed liquid,
- flow from min. 2l / min to max. 100 l / min.
2. Transparent Adblue filter:
- 5 micron filtration,
- protects refueled machines and vehicles against pollution,
- transparent cover - the ability to constantly view the liquid during refueling,
- cartridges easy to replace.
3. Adblue level indicator:
- the level value is shown in liters.

Technical data:
Filling point height: ok. 160 cm
Power supply: 230 V
Power: 250W/ 2,2A

Tightness of tank - 5 years
Accessories - 24 months

Made of the highest quality raw materials, 100% original polyethylene produced and supplied by the world's largest concerns (Dow Chemicals, LyondellBasell). UV resistant does not fade, does not corrode, easy to clean, high chemical and mechanical resistance. The tank is made in the process of rotational molding, which ensures uniform casting (no welds, joints) and high resistance to external factors. Thanks to lifting handles for carrying the tank, it is easy to transport and unload, it does not require specialized equipment. Compact dimensions and excellent quality guarantee the highest comfort and convenience of use. Special colors of the tank protect it against fading, which ensures long-lasting comfortable use.


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Sur Mascus France, vous pouvez trouver un/une cuve Swimer Tank Blue 2500 Fujp Basic Jednopłaszczowy. Le prix de ce/cette Swimer Tank Blue 2500 Fujp Basic Jednopłaszczowy est de - et il a été fabriqué en 2020. Cette machine est visible sur TORUŃ en/au Pologne. Sur Mascus France, retrouvez des Swimer Tank Blue 2500 Fujp Basic Jednopłaszczowy et bien plus de modèles de cuve. Caractéristiques - N° de stock: SW-202311, Type: AdBlue, N° de série: Jednopłaszczowy, Dernière révision: Stacjonarny, Poids du volume de transport: 121 kg, Dimensions du volume de transport (L x l x H): 1800 x 1400 x 1650 mm, Garantie: Polietylen, Volume du tank: 2 500 l, Pays de production: Pologne