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Marque / ModèleSID Streuergerät/ Bedding Bucket 1,3m
Année d'immatriculation2019
Options supplémentairesNeuf
Note générale (1-5)
Garantie12 miesięcy
Pays de productionPologne
Autres informationsBedding Bucket is designed to dispense a uniform layer of bedding material to either side quickly and with minimal operator effort. A significant advantage of this machine is that it can spread a very wide range of materials including, sawdust, shavings, paper, chopped straw, sand and green bedding all by adjusting the same machine rather than using different machines.

- Reduces labour.
- Reduces bedding material usage by upto 50%.
- More evenly distributed bedding.
- Simple durable design

- The discharge rate can be regulated.
- The discharge distance be controlled by adjusting the hydarulic flow rate.
- Ejection to 5m.
- Inside there are two 250 mm rollers with spikes for mixing and dosing material.
- Hydraulic demand min 40L / min.
- Height - 1,4 m.
- Depth - 1,1 m.

Technical data of standard widths
Width - Volume - Weight
1,3 m - 1,00 m3 - 450 kg - 4190 euro
1,5 m - 1,20 m3 - 475 kg - 4460 euro
1,8 m - 1,45 m3 - 520 kg - 4720 euro
2,0 m - 1,65 m3 - 580 kg - 4976 euro

Euro brackets as standard but other brackets are available to suit any machine.

Net price.

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Ce/Cette mélangeuse SID Streuergerät/ Bedding Bucket 1,3m n'est plus disponible. Ce/Cette mélangeuse SID Streuergerät/ Bedding Bucket 1,3m a été frabriqué en 2019. Sur Mascus France, retrouvez plus de mélangeuse SID Streuergerät/ Bedding Bucket 1,3m. Caractéristiques - Note générale (1-5): 5, Garantie: 12 miesięcy, Pays de production: Pologne